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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Apr 29, 2020

How can your trauma become your treasure?

Licensed psychotherapist and coach Amy Van Slambrook uses her personal journey of healing lifelong traumas to help others do the same, by giving voice to the unhealed wounds affecting their lives and relationships. With over 20 years professional experience in healthcare...

Apr 15, 2020

How do you create the future you desire?

Acclaimed author, speaker and life coach. Tim Storey is well known for inspiring and motivating people of all walks of life, from entertainment to executives, celebrities and athletes, to adults and children in the most deprived neighborhoods in the country. Tim has visited 75...

Apr 1, 2020

Are you in control of your life?

Lisa Valtierra is the cross-cultural marketing director of a major pharmaceutical company where her work touches on both health disparities and representation. She previously worked with AIDS Service Organizations (ASO) as a patient advocate for women with HIV and other underrepresented...