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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Mar 31, 2021

How does your mindset change when life throws you a massive curveball?

Two weeks ago, I introduced Gregg Garfield on this podcast. He is known as patient zero, the gentleman who almost passed away from COVID-19. It was an incredible story of just inspiration, believing, and truly understanding that we can survive anything in this world. So today, I have on his fiancée, Anneliese "AJ" Johnson; she is a brilliant, beautiful woman, the partner of Gregg Garfield, and the woman who stood by his side throughout all of his recovery.

I decided to bring her on because it's just as important to hear a partner's story as the actual person going through the experience. I would love you to grab your journal and listen to her words; it is so inspiring. It's time to really curl up and ground yourself outside during this conversation. So, tune in as AJ dives deep into the story behind Gregg's recovery and what she learned about herself while facing adversity. Plus, AJ chats about the importance of mindset on a life-changing and challenging journey.

In This Episode:

  • All about Anneliese “AJ” Johnson [ 5:10 ]
  • How AJ heard the news of Gregg’s diagnosis [ 9:45 ]
  • Why animals are the most incredible source of love [ 22:30 ]
  • The importance of living to learn more about yourself [ 26:20 ]
  • What AJ had to understand when Gregg was in the hospital [ 29:30 ]
  • Through adversity, it’s up to you how it will change your life [ 43:40 ]
  • The importance of a strong foundation for a healthy relationship [ 50:40 ]
  • AJ gives her advice for handling these challenging times [ 55:10 ]



  • “Animals are the most incredible source of love outside of our own children and our parents.”
  • “I thrive, and I live to grow.”
  • “I thrive, and I live to learn more about myself.”
  • “Look at the universe and say: show me what you can do.”
  • “We're not perfect; this is not an easy road that we're on.”
  • “We definitely find the time to be totally annoying to each other.”

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