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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Oct 14, 2020

Alex’s storytelling journey can be traced back to her local news days. As a morning news anchor, Alex would bring local businesses', organizations' and communities’ stories to life on television. During this time, social media was blowing up and Alex became obsessed with the ability to directly communicate with viewers - without having to wait for her daily newscast.

Alex continued to work in television as a host and producer for outlets like: E! News Now, red carpets, FOX, Yahoo! and more. As her media career advanced, she saw the trend of more: 1) brands advertising on social media and 2) media outlets creating content for social media. The days of traditional television advertising were fading, and Alex didn’t want her career to fade with them; so she made the full leap into creating digital and social media content.

Today Alex has a passion for helping brands evolve with the digital landscape and run their social channels like media companies. Thanks to social media, we are all content creators with direct access to the audiences we want to reach.

In this episode, Alex dives deep into storytelling by revealing personal + authentic stories from her journey. We all have an opportunity to shape our narrative and see ourselves in a particular light to achieve our goals.

Alex speaks about empowering women and why doubt is her most significant barrier. When it comes to showing up, we have to be willing to show up as our imperfect selves. We cannot be an expert without showing up first.

Stay tuned as Alex describes how she overcame public speaking nerves, about reporting her stalker, and ways to empower ourselves.

In This Episode:

  • About Alex Wehrley [ 3:50 ]
  • Building communities with authenticity [ 10:10 ]
  • The importance of storytelling [ 12:30 ]
  • About empowering women [ 14:30 ]
  • Doubt is a gigantic barrier [ 17:40 ]
  • Alex’s work with healing [ 23:30 ]
  • Overcoming public speaking nerves [ 27:40 ]
  • Reporting a stalker [ 31:20 ]
  • How to empower ourselves [ 38:20 ]
  • The future for Alex [ 39:50 ]


  • “True empowerment comes from the individual.”
  • “Power starts with us.”
  • “You have to know yourself to know what to take action on.”
  • “There is a time and place to curate what we put out in the world.”
  • “As we build community, our audience craves authenticity.”

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