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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

May 11, 2022

Frankie Russo, through his Russo Capital firm, has developed a portfolio of companies across multiple industries, including technology, advertising, marketing, automotive, music, agriculture, publishing, and finance. The beneficiaries of his investments have offices in the United States and India and serve 128 US markets. Russo and his team have led two of his companies to become some of America’s fastest-growing, privately-owned organizations (Inc. 500) for eight years in a row. The Art of WHY (2016), Russo’s first book, was on Amazon’s bestseller list in the self-help category, and has been readapted and expanded into the rules-defying Breaking WHY. Frankie’s highest calling is his family, and he happily lives with his wife and six children in Louisiana.

Hey there! Welcome to the Love Life Live Boldly Podcast. Today, we have a very special guest, Frankie Russo. His story is truly inspiring and I know you're going to love it. We begin today's show talking about the power of why behind everything that he does and how his journey with drugs and alcohol led him to finding his limitless drug. Then we dive into the ten steps to the why, his new book and some great conversation about change and the ten steps to the why. You can better understand today's episode if you first listen to Scott Simon's "Scare Your Soul."


Let’s delve in!

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • [14:59] who Frankie Russo is and what he is passionate about?
  • [17:39] Why purpose doesn't only have to be about business
  • [21:40] Why Emotional intelligence is a huge part of your why
  • [22:54] The breaking points and bottoms of Frankie
  • [24:04] Frankie’s journey with drugs and alcohol
  • [28:27]The novelty concept
  • [31:21 Compartmentalization and Frankie’s second bottom
  • [32:23]Finding the limitless drug
  • [36:38]The bridge of pain
  • [39:05] Getting back to the roots of who you are the authentic, vulnerable self
  • [39:23] Why change is a hard evolution
  • [40:31] The 10 steps to the why
  • The startup steps
  • The Life style step


  • [48:20]Getting ready to start going through the 10 steps
  • [51:24] Frankie’s parting shot and where to download his offers


  • And, and so my ultimate purpose and what I believe all of our purposes is to find in whatever we're doing whatever we're passionate about, to be doing that for others, and to be giving back, especially in ways that are not going to pay me monetarily? [16:00]
  • There is a why behind everything. There is a why behind why things happen to you. There's a why behind everything happening for you to step into that next face. [16:57]
  • “Usually we evolve when something breaks, which is why I had to come back and be like, Okay, no, we're gonna break your why, or it's gonna break you.” [20:44]
  • “This is shocking for a guy who loves drugs and alcohol. I have not had drugs and alcohol for 14 years.”[23:57]
  • “So I'm not a saint, I'm not; I'm a bad guy that does good because I have to.” [25:16]
  • “The only reason I'm sober today is because I started helping other guys get sober.” [26:09]
  • “For me, I wanted to be good. I always want it to be good, because I knew I was supposed to be good. But I couldn't ever quite get there. But in an effort to try to be good.”[31:07]
  • “I didn't do it because people want need that. I just did it because I knew that's what I needed.”[38:37]
  • When you step into authenticity, when you step into vulnerability, who you are, your life is going to change the people around you are going to change, everything is going to change [39:05]
  • “To question what you believe is an amazing gift to give yourself.”[39:57]
  • “The idea is that everyone can go through these steps and then take someone else to the steps and then that person can take somebody else with the steps.”[44:53]
  • “They always told me, you know, the truth will set you free. What they didn't tell me is that it'll make you miserable first. That's a part they forgot to tell you though the truth will set you free.”[47:35]


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Book: The Art of Why: Master Your Purpose by Frankie Russo

             Breaking WHY: Hacking and Rebuilding Strategic Emotions for Authentic Success by Frankie Russo


Book: Florence William Nature Fix

Podcast: The School of Why Podcast

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