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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Dec 8, 2021

Is it possible to build a love and family that’s near-perfect? What does it take to build love, trust, and togetherness in a blended family?

When 18 Summers founders Jim and Jamie Sheils first met, they faced a whole new challenge. Suddenly, they were a blended family, with the challenges of disconnection and time scarcity that all families face. It was Family Board Meetings that bridged the gap, helping a new family connect, and helping the kids find a sure footing on uncertain ground. Now, through 18 Summers, Jim and Jamie reach families and organizations around the world, helping them discover the benefits of quality time and enduring relationships.

In this episode, Jim and Jamie share their story from when they met, established a blended family framework, and their adoption journey. They explain how the power of manifestation worked to bring them together as a couple.

Listen in to learn the importance of staying in the course of your search for love to find what you truly deserve. You will also learn why you have to listen to your true north to create a space that works out for you.

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [0:09] Intro
  • [11:15] How Jim and Jamie met, plus the framework they established to better run their blended family.
  • [18:51] How Jim fell in love with Jamie and her sons, plus the power of manifestation.
  • [30:33] Getting over your fear of love and allowing your spirit to guide you.
  • [42:00] The importance of expressing gratitude and apologizing to your children as a parent.
  • [47:51] They share their adoption story and the process of adopting their new daughter.
  • [56:25] How to do the work within yourself for things to start working out for you and those around you.
  • [1:03:23] Learn how to trust yourself to get to your plan a lot sooner.
  • [1:05:16] Let go of the expectations of having a perfect family.

Standout Quotes from the Guests:

  • “Balancing apologies and gratitude are huge because we’re not exempt from either of those things as parents.” [44:09]
  • “It’s ok to be ok; there are so many complex things but you have to do the work.” [57:04]
  • “You’re not defined by your wounds, what you’re defined by is how you use what you’ve walked through and create something for not only your own betterment but for others.” [1:01:01]

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