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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Nov 9, 2022

Amberly Lago is a Peak Performance Coach, TEDx Speaker, Podcaster, and a leading expert in the field of resilience and transformation. She is the best-selling author of “True Grit and Grace” and the founder of “UNSTOPPABLE Life Mastermind.”

Through her book, coaching methods, and masterminds she has curated unique tools to teach others how to tap into their superpower of resilience and elevate their lives and businesses.

Amberly has most recently been featured on NBC’s The Today Show, The Doctors, Hallmark, and featured in magazines such as Shape, Fit Pregnancy, Yahoo, Forbes, USA Today, LA Style, Health Magazine, Keynote Speaker Magazine and Disability Magazine.



Hello, everyone! Amberly Lago is on today's show. Today, we talk about resilience, motivation, the moment Amberly took her first resilient steps, and overcoming shame and moments of hopelessness during the darkest hours.

Let’s dive in!

In this Episode you’ll learn:

  • [09:32] Amberly’s story.
  • [22:12] Starting over at 38.
  • [24:00] Amberly’s moment of resilience.
  • [33:26] Choosing joy.
  • [37:57] Moments of hopelessness.
  • [41:37] Amberly’s biggest motivator.
  • [48:40] Amberly’s earliest moment of resilience.
  • [54:21] Running from, and running towards.



  • “Resilience isn’t about going back to how things were.” [15:33]
  • “When you remember your ‘why’, and you do take that action every day, anything is possible.” [21:01]
  • “We all have that light within us, and it’s up to us to find ways to make it shine brighter.” [28:09]
  • “When I admitted that I needed help, and I reached out, and I asked for help, is when my life started to change.” [40:54]
  • “Doing all these things is heck of a lot easier than a life of misery, becauseI’ve had both.” [45:22]


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