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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Oct 28, 2020

Are you not attracting the right relationships, finances or job opportunities?

Gail Kauranen Jones is an intuitive coach and change expert, who has been leading others through transformation for more than 20 years. She has a gift for identifying the hidden, limiting beliefs that keep clients feeling stuck, and then carefully crafting and customizing the right empowering words to help them move forward.

She is the author of two books, Cancer as a Love Story: Developing the Mindset for Living, and To Hell and Back...Healing Your Way Through Transition.  Both books were met with rave reviews on Amazon and elsewhere.

Gail has taught many leading-edge workshops at top spas and well centers.  She lives a passionate and simple life writing, hiking, connecting in meaningful ways, aligning in joyful collaboration and thriving in nature.

In this episode, we are talking about self-worth. It’s so important, especially if you have dealt with relational and betrayal trauma. After going through trauma, worthiness will take a hit. Gail dives deep into her story. She explains how her childhood caused her to get breast cancer later in life. When Gail got diagnosed, she knew that she needed to clean up her internal self. Gail reveals the four C’s of cancer:

  1. Curveball: the initial trauma.
  2. Callings: what are you going to do with your trauma or cancer that will serve a purpose?
  3. Compassion: have compassion that you went through this.
  4. Courage: it takes courage to do the inner work.

Later, we talk about the ways to track worthiness. Gail says to write down how you find worthiness every single day physically. For instance, you can write down that you received a compliment. Plus, the first five minutes of the day and the last five minutes of the day are most important for rewiring the brain. Make sure that you say affirmations of worthiness during this time; train your mind to be pleased. Stay tuned as Gail talks about the importance of alignment, how to change our energy, and finding the strength to forgive.

In This Episode:

  • About Gail Kauranen Jones [ 2:35 ]
  • How mothering can affect our health [ 12:55 ]
  • About the four C’s of cancer [ 17:45 ]
  • How to track our worthiness [ 24:50 ]
  • The importance of alignment [ 34:35 ]
  • Why we need to find the strength to forgive [ 40:00 ]
  • About learning to give yourself a hug [ 44:45 ]
  • Why we need to say yes to life [ 52:50 ]


  • “What would your life look like if you knew you were worthy?”
  • “A vision board works because you get into the feeling of the end result.”
  • “Cancer is a wakeup call to a new life.”
  • “Track evidence of worthiness every day.”
  • “A clear intention plus an elevated emotion is how we change our energy.”
  • “Find space for grace.”

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