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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Aug 4, 2021

If you want more for your life, there is more out there for you.

Shanna is the Founder of The Soul Frequency. She is an intuitive healer, celebrity manifestation coach, and expert in leading purpose-driven individuals in the rediscovery and development of their core soul mission. Shanna is leading the conversation about the possibilities and the practices for raising one’s frequency and creating a life founded on truth and alignment.

She authored the #1 Best Selling Book The Soul Frequency: Your Healthy, Awakened and Authentic Life, is the host of The Soul Frequency Show podcast, and is a speaker and consultant to executives of Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, influencers, and fashion industry experts.

We have an incredibly inspiring conversation about our soul mission and finding fulfillment in life. Shanna speaks about creating something out of the difficulties that we've experienced to guide others and further guide ourselves. Then, Shanna gives us tools to find clarity on our journey to uncovering our soul mission. One of the most valuable things we can learn in this lifetime is becoming comfortable with our emotional states. Tune in as we chat about how self-forgiveness will be critical for your soul mission and why we need to be courageous with our truth.

In This Episode:

  • All about Shanna and her journey to spiritual awakening [ 5:55 ]
  • How Shanna defines fulfillment for herself today [ 10:15 ]
  • Finding where your soul mission lies [ 18:35 ]
  • Tools to find clarity on your journey [ 23:30 ]
  • How self-forgiveness is a powerful tool for your soul mission [ 34:15 ]
  • Why we need to be courageous with our truth [ 46:35 ]



  • “So many of the ways that we think we're going to be fulfilled in life have to do with ideas that other people have given us.”
  • “Try some different stuff on and see what really lights you up inside.”
  • “Truth takes courage.”
  • “Any soulful journey takes us deeper into our own truth.”
  • “It's time to evolve what you put yourself around.”
  • “Be courageous with your truth.”

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