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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Jul 21, 2021

Are you ready to get unstuck so you can finally start building your big thing?

Cara Brookins built her own 3,500 square foot house by using YouTube tutorials. After surviving domestic violence, she was faced with the stark challenge of providing for her four children, with no one to turn to but herself. In desperate need of a home—but without the means to buy one—she did something incredible. She built one from scratch, while rebuilding her family. Cara's story went viral in more than 75 countries and has been viewed more than two billion times. Soon to be a major motion picture, Rise. Cara’s strategies inspire extraordinary goals, and she delivers the motivation to reach them.

In this episode, we dove so deep into everything. Cara talks about her past traumas, her relationships, and how that gave her the foundation to build this home for her and her family. Cara opens up about the inspiration behind her home’s design, including finding out about her husband’s full-blown, severe paranoid schizophrenia. Well, working with her family to build a house made her feel powerful. Tune in as we chat about ditching the victim mindset, becoming a better person, and having empathy for yourself.

In This Episode:

  • All about Cara Brookins [ 6:10 ]
  • How Cara built her house using YouTube videos [ 7:55 ]
  • The most challenging part of building Cara’s home [ 18:40 ]
  • Cara’s most significant mistake during this project [ 27:30 ]
  • How building a home changed Cara’s family [ 34:55 ]
  • The inspiration behind building Cara’s home [ 39:30 ]
  • How Cara is currently feeling about her personal life [ 53:40 ]



  • “You don't always need to know what the end result is going to be.”
  • “We did not see the limitations anymore.”
  • “I have to look a little ridiculous and messy, but in the end, I get a house.”
  • “Building the house made us feel powerful.”
  • “We have to give ourselves a little bit of grace and mercy.”
  • “Go do something big today.”

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