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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Mar 17, 2021

How are you staying humble + sincere during these challenging times? 

Today I chat with a total inspiration, Gregg Garfield. He is a testament to the power of positive thinking. Gregg is otherwise known as patient zero; his story will fascinate you. It's going to leave you believing in your goals. Gregg lived the adventurous life. He imagined skiing around the world, mountain biking, playing golf, staying fit, and enjoying the company of friends and loved ones. When he joined his ski buddies in Italy's mountains in late February of 2020 - he had no way to perceive that his life would forever change.

Gregg contracted Covid in Italy, and he returned to Southern California, struggling to breathe. His doctors gave him a 1% chance to survive. Well, not the odds anyone would want to count on. Gregg fought from the brink of death to recover after spending 31 days on a ventilator and 64 days in the hospital. Gregg achieved his goal of walking out of the hospital and is even now back to skiing. This interview was one of the most fascinating in-depth, and beautiful conversations that I have recorded. Tune in as we chat about what Gregg learned on his journey, the importance of staying humble, and the power of positive thinking. 

In This Episode:

  • About Gregg Garfield [ 1:35 ]
  • Gregg dives into his experience in 2020 with Covid [ 4:10 ]
  • What it’s like to have ICU psychosis [ 32:00 ]
  • About the growth that Gregg went through during his experience [ 45:50 ]
  • Getting back to the slopes after Covid [ 55:50 ]
  • The most significant lesson that Gregg has learned [ 58:50 ]
  • Advice for people who are struggling [ 62:15 ]


  • “I had what you call a cytokine storm, which is an inflammatory issue that turned my immune system against me.”
  • “The doctors told me I was a miracle.”
  • “I ended up going through what you call ICU psychosis.”
  • “Nurses are literally the most selfless human beings on the planet.”
  • “The amount of people that stood up for me and stood by my side really confirmed the person that I am.”
  • “It's just such an empowering thing to be humbled.”

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