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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Nov 25, 2020

How are you embracing life to the fullest?

Robert is one of the world's leading experts on the relationship between happiness and success. He helps individuals and organizations achieve an energizing balance of authentic personal happiness and effortless professional success, based on time-tested, face-valid, empirical data and timeless, transcendental wisdom.

Robert's work has been endorsed by Oprah, Vanessa Williams, and many others, and he ​has been a regularly featured guest expert on Good Morning America, The Today Show, Access Hollywood, E! Networks, OWN, and KTLA, and in magazines like GQ, Self, Health, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour.

Robert's first book, Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment, is celebrity-endorsed and critically-acclaimed. It has been translated into various other languages, including Chinese. 

In this episode, Robert dives deep into his story and talks about how he found absolute peace from within. We live in our heads; once we drop into our hearts, we can find love for ourselves. Simply, Robert puts most of his focus and attention on peaceful aliveness. Robert even finds joy in every breath; he discovers gratitude and love through breathing, even on a tough day. Tune in as we talk about getting back to the source of our experience, the importance of slowing down, and how to find your happiness islands.  

In This Episode:

  • About Robert Mack [ 1:45 ]
  • How divine intervention saved Robert’s life [ 9:50 ]
  • The ways we can be aware of our underlying reality [ 17:00 ]
  • Why we need to get back to the source of our experience [ 25:05 ]
  • All about Robert’s work [ 29:45 ]
  • The importance of slowing down [ 37:45 ]
  • How to find your happiness island [ 44:10 ]
  • Why we need to always focus on the good [ 47:50 ]
  • All about Happiness from the Inside Out [ 54:10 ]



  • “Presence is perfect peace.”
  • “Consciously enjoy your breath like it’s the last breath you’ll take.”
  • “Enjoy presence itself.”
  • “The worst thing that can happen to any of us is that everything goes perfectly according to plan.”
  • “If you’re only happy when you achieve a goal, then you’ll spend your entire life basically miserable.”
  • “The more you relax, the more quickly things happen.”

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