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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Apr 27, 2022

Scott Simon is a happiness entrepreneur, speaker, and founder of Scare Your Soul, a movement inspiring individual and global change through small acts of courage. He has spoken around the world, motivated people at schools and companies, given a TEDx Talk, co-founded a happiness incubator, and studied and worked with international thought leaders in the areas of courage and happiness. He is a high-performance coach, focusing primarily on creating flourishing lives post-divorce, leads mindfulness meditations, and has served as an officiant of numerous weddings. Scott earned his BA from Skidmore College, his MA from Case Western Reserve University, and Certificates in Positive Psychology and Coaching from The Whole being Institute. Scott is the proud father of two children, and when not out fulfilling his sense of wanderlust, he lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

Our guest on today’s show is Scott Simon. He’s here to discuss the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones and challenging ourselves to do things that may scare us a little. Tune in to today’s episode to hear more about his journey and how he came up with the idea for a global initiative that encourages people to confront their fears or re-evaluate certain aspects of their lives, called Scare Your Soul.

Let’s get started!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

[03:16] About our retreats

[06:52] Who Scott Simon is?

[09:49] About Scare your Soul a courage movement

 [13:10] Scott Simon’s epiphany

[16:55] Why you it is important to scare your soul every day and Eleanor Roosevelt statement

[ 19:06] Scott’s new chapters and tough moments that made him to start again and build Scare your Soul into what it is today

[23:04] The impetus for Scare your Soul

[25:06] Two little hacks that you can use when you're stuck in a position.

[26:00] The power of flipping the perspective of what you are doing in fear to perspective of service

[28:17] Genesis of Scare your Soul: Getting the Upward Spiral moving by taking positive acts in our lives

[32:13] The ripples of stepping out of our comfort zone in kindness

[35:07] Action points from Scott’s book

[35:30] The seven principles from the book  

[ 38:24] Scare your soul challenge with these 36 questions believed to generate intimacy between two strangers

[41:59] Scott’s quick story explaining why it is important to have those tough conversations

[45:48] Why forgiveness is so powerful

[47:30] The gratitude visit that will scare your soul but worth it

[54:32] What Scott is working on now to scare his soul



  • We need to work doubly hard to be courageous in our own lives. Otherwise, we're going to go and retreat into our own shells.” [00:24]
  • “Many of us don't step into that space because of fear because of our own comfort zone because of our past patterns, our past regrets, whatever it is not realizing that that's actually where the living happens.” [01:42]
  • “This kind of trend in bookstores and in podcasts about crushing fear, killing, fear conquering fear, this kind of militaristic view about fear, I think is incorrect. At its best, and misleading at its worst, because fear will always be part of our lives” [10:25]
  • “And so, my perspective on courage comes from a place of feeling like I was the least courageous person.” [12:53]
  • “Be careful what you wish for or dream for because it will happen.” [14:05]
  • “You're on a roller coaster, not a train. It's the dips, oftentimes, that create that impetus for major change.” [20:30]
  • “And I would tell you that in almost every situation, where you're doing something courageous, from the tiniest little action to the largest, somebody is benefiting from it,” [26:03].
  • “At its worst, the worst thing that could happen would be you come home at the end of the day, and you get into a bed that's already made when it's bedtime. [27:50]
  • “Stepping out of our comfort zone, especially in kindness can create so much positivity in this world.” [32:13]
  • “The gratitude visit is maybe one of the most defining things in a relationship.” [49:23]
  • “Susan Jeffers wrote so beautifully, so many years ago, feel that fear and do it anyway. That's when the best things in life happen.” [58:05]




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