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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Oct 14, 2020

Is the present-day overcome with self-doubt, self-criticism, comparison, and thoughts of unworthiness?

Tanya Ouhrabka is a Life Coach for women and girls struggling with inner alignment and connection to self.

Tanya’s mission is to support women in REGAINING their sense of self and inner power, and support girls in RETAINING it before it fades away.

Having grown up in an alcoholic home and subsequently suffered feelings of worthless, not being enough, being too much, and disconnected from herself for much of her life, Tanya knows firsthand what it means to live life without an inner connection. She also knows that the moment we stop looking for answers externally and turn inward, transformation happens.

Today Tanya is a married mother of three children, raising her family in Rhode Island. She supports women and girls through one on one and group coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements.

In this episode, Tanya digs deep, reveals her story, and explains how she went from feeling powerless into feeling powerful. We can make our lives the way we want them to be; it needs to come from the inside.

Sometimes we feel like we are on a conveyor belt in life; when we are continually trying to fix what is going on, we get so drained. Peace is always within us; we have to slow down, trust, and surrender.

Stay tuned to hear Tanya explain how to connect with our powers, the importance of gratitude, and the ways we can start to trust ourselves.

In This Episode:

  • About Tanya Ouhrabka [ 4:00 ]
  • How to turn feeling powerless into feeling powerful [ 7:30 ]
  • We are our own answer [ 13:20 ]
  • Tanya fought so hard to find her truth [ 20:40 ]
  • All emotions are important emotions [ 24:50 ]
  • How to connect with our power [ 28:00 ]
  • We can trust + honor ourselves [ 32:15 ]
  • If we aren’t growing, then we aren’t living [ 38:15 ]


  • “We have all the answers within ourselves.”
  • “I was in a desperate search to trust myself.”
  • “Are my beliefs, wants, and needs real and valid?”
  • “Healing doesn’t mean you’re never going to feel crappy.”
  • “We only have who we are today.”

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