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LIVE BOLDLY with Sara Schulting Kranz

Mar 16, 2022

Are you ready to learn more about your issues with intimacy and attachment? Are you ready to learn about the truth about relationships? Then this is the episode for you, grab your journals and get ready to learn with Dr. Wendy Walsh!

As America's Relationship Expert, Dr. Wendy takes the latest science of love and turns it into news-you-can-use to improve your intimate relationships. Whether the topic is finding love by navigating dating apps, keeping love by introducing novelty and better communication skills (Ask her how to make a communication sandwich!) or coping after a divorce or loss, Dr. Wendy has the data and practical advice on how to do it the healthy way.

Host of the Dr. Wendy Walsh Show on iHeart radio for the last six years, she is also a former co-host of the Dr. Phil spin off, THE DOCTORS, the author of three books on relationships and host of the Podcast Mating Matters. During the pandemic, when people suffered the most isolation, she blew up on TikTok and other social medias and has nearly 2 million followers online.

Listen and learn about Dr. Wendy and her journey, the journey that led us to being able to talk about the truth about relationships and how we can explore our truths!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [10:08] Were you always a truth teller?
  • [15:49] Who is Dr. Wendy?
  • [20:16] Acknowledging your truth
  • [29:46] Intimacy, attachment, and the truth about relationships
  • [39:41] The spark to explore the truth about relationships
  • [48:41] What’s next?

Standout Quotes from the Guest:

  • Sometimes no matter how kind you try to be when you tell the truth, people who have shame don't want to hear that truth, but I've also come to terms with; sometimes in life you have to give people the gift of pain because until they have that wake-up call…they can’t grow or move forward. And I also try to provide a lot of gaps in understanding whenever I tell a truth that’s prickly [9:27]
  • And when you can finally understand that nothing was your fault, that people did things to you when you were powerless, whether you were a child, whether you were a young woman or teenager, people who had more power than you abused that power and then you can get rid of your shame and you can tell the stories [20:31]
  • “…my favorite definition of intimacy is being able to see the flaws in your partner and still love them, but more importantly, knowing that they can see the flaws in you and still loving yourself. [29:48]

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